The System

According to Donella Meadows in Thinking in Systems: A Primer, a system is "a set of things—people, cells, molecules, or whatever—interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behavior over time." Systems depend on their observers—their perspectives and the boundaries they choose to draw around the system. So, systems can be seen everywhere: the human body, a supply chain, or even a societal problem.

Block 1
System change

The Change

According to Social Innovation Generation (SiG), systems change is an approach that focuses on "shifting the conditions that are holding the problem in place." And, according to the School of System Change, it is both an outcome and a process. The outcome is the emergence of the system behavior one wants—a change from one state to another. And it is the process of envisioning a new system behavior and re-designing the system toward realizing that vision. The design process involves multiple cycles of experimenting, learning, and adapting.


Narratives are the driving force behind systems change in philanthropy. Beyond simple stories, they serve as the force for transformation. This Tool therefore delves as well into the indispensable role funder’s journeys and narratives play in propelling systems change. Narratives inspire purposeful action, foster collaboration among stakeholders, amplify the impact of philanthropic efforts and catalyze paradigm shifts.

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